Why Team

TEAM Asset Management evolved from a simple conversation. A conversation between several industry veterans who looked long and hard at the investment landscape and didn’t like the view. Shared core beliefs in the role, and value, of high-conviction, active investment management. In building an industry-leading asset manager around the concept of 4 simple P’s: people, product, process and performance. In attracting and developing leading talent, and giving them the tools and flexibility to do what they do best. In the benefit of being independent and mobile. In the ability to make swift, collective decisions, and act accordingly and meaningfully, without compromising the integrity of the investment process. In accountability for outcomes. In the pleasure of getting a few things right, but also holding our hands up when things haven’t gone so well. In learning from our mistakes. In striving to deliver world class levels of service to our clients through a cutting edge digital platform experience. TEAM Asset Management. No compromises. Our TEAM, your TEAM.

Why Now?

We will only know this with hindsight, but the timing feels right. First and foremost, we firmly believe there is white space in the Channel Islands for a boutique asset manager. We acknowledge up front that we will not be for everyone, but feel strongly that our breadth of expertise and TEAM investment product range positions us very attractively in the marketplace. Second, our high conviction, active approach to allocating capital and managing risk, whether applied through our multi-asset strategy, fixed income funds, international equity portfolio or bespoke service offering, continues to deliver excellent risk-adjusted returns. The style drift that typically arises when manager’s ‘chase’ performance does not emanate at TEAM, and we will work hard to ensure this remains the case through adherence to our disciplined investment process. As the business continues to attract new talent, we have confidence the aggregate level of business performance can be sustained over the long-term. Third, we believe passionately that investing should be accessible to everyone. TEAM’s product range has been designed to accommodate investors large and small. Our goal is to deliver transparent, cost-effective access to our core capabilities and the opportunity for younger generations to invest, with confidence, in their future. Fourth, and interlinked, is education. We believe the twin disciplines of investing and money management should be a fundamental building block within the global higher education curriculum. Our own TEAM website contains an ‘education’ portal, a place of learning and engagement with clients, where our investment team seeks to distil core concepts, unpack jargon and provide thought leadership pieces through a variety of communication tools. Finally, we only exist on the basis of our clients, existing and new. One of our core business objectives is to provide industry-leading client service, and we are investing significantly in the digital space to transform the way clients enjoy the TEAM Asset Management experience.


We own our business. We are not a subsidiary or representative office. What you see is what you get. “We eat our own cooking


We are your Global Investment Managers. That’s all we do. No Corporate Finance and we are not stockbrokers or Financial, Pensions or Tax Advisors.


We do not hold your assets. We manage them. Your assets held to your instruction.


Bad companies ultimately make bad investments” RULE 10 (12 RULES)


We have no other related or third-party relationships. We receive no economic benefit from “other interests”.


The 12 RULES. Our rules. Your rules.


We understand business. We are not just academic investors. We have successfully managed businesses. That gives us deep insight other investment managers do not have. We are technically highly qualified. We have true global capabilities. We have lived and worked abroad. Combined, we have over 16 years of Asian experience and 90 of Western.


No distractions. Just your money.


Investment is “10% inspiration and 90% perspiration”. An “always on” activity. We work for you.


We’ve operated through 7 US Presidents, 8 UK Prime Ministers, 4 global recessions and 4 major bear markets.


We are considered, decisive and confident. We act quickly or immediately for you.


We are connected to your money. We all manage your money.

TEAM Asset Management is a trading name of Theta Enhanced Asset Management Limited which is regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission.