The global economy is complex, and its rate of change is accelerating. Hidden in plain sight are a small number of powerful, long-term megatrends, which are transforming our world, and creating a wealth of investment opportunities.

At TEAM, we believe a successful investment strategy needs to identify, and capitalise upon, these megatrends, in order for us to achieve sustainable, long-term returns for our investors.

As disruption, imbalances, and innovation become constant forces permeating our capital markets, we also recognise the need to constantly adapt to reflect our changing world.

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Discretionary Portfolio Management

In a world driven by uniformity and standardisation, we understand that individual requirements are often anything but. We concentrate on developing an investment strategy that reflects TEAM’s interpretation of the themes shaping the global economy, but we also recognise that meeting our clients’ objectives is of primary importance.

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Managed Portfolio Services

TEAM’s Managed Portfolio Service offers a range of discretionary investment portfolios, carefully developed to meet clients’ objectives, but all reflecting the independence of thought that drives our investment strategy.

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TEAM Asset Management is a trading name of Theta Enhanced Asset Management Limited which is regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission.