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Updates on three Fund companies

  • Jan 10, 2022
  • Mark Clubb

NVIDIA: shows off new gaming laptops and a virtual assistant for your car.

The first half of the company's recent virtual press conference was all about gaming—the people playing the games and the people building them. Jeff Fisher, senior vice president, GeForce, announced over 160 new graphics card.

NVIDIA announced a partnership with Samsung that will make the gaming their platform GForce available on smart televisions. The service is already available on LG Smart TVs.

Also announced was a partnership with AT&T to make GForce available on the giant U.S. telecom company’s 5G network.

In the second half, Ali Kani, vice president of the automotive division, described the company's automotive advancements.

NVIDIA’s DRIVE Concierge service is a virtual assistant is designed to work with the company's DRIVE Chauffeur and uses real-time conversational AI to complete various tasks. In a demo the driver asks the assistant to open the sunroof, check messages and make dinner reservations.

The DRIVE platform integrates a sensor suite that includes 12 exterior cameras, three interior cameras, nine radars, 12 ultrasonics and one front-facing lidar, plus one lidar for ground truth data collection. DRIVE Hyperion features the full software stack for autonomous driving as well as driver monitoring and visualization which can be updated over-the-air.

Kani said the company is working with many new electric car makers, including many in China.

"These electric cars will get better and better over time with each over-the-air update," he said.

NVIDIA also is working with TuSimple, an autonomous trucking company that is developing a freight network in partnership with UPS, Navistar and Penske.

QUALCOMM CEO Cristiano Amon recently announced that the company and MICROSOFT were partnering on producing a custom chip for next-generation augmented reality glasses.

"We've been talking for years about the possibility of having wearable augmented reality devices that will gain scale," Amon said.

"And we're integrating into that chip platform software from both companies with the Microsoft Mesh platform, and the recently announced Qualcomm Snapdragon Spaces XR development platform. Snapdragon Spaces will be fully integrated into Microsoft Mesh, and this platform will be available for next-generation lightweight glasses."

The collaboration and future chip designs will help power a new integration of lightweight, energy-efficient glasses in conjunction with Mesh, Microsoft's upcoming Metaverse platform. Using this newly announced custom chip, users will be able to access Microsoft's applications providing the ability to connect over a holographic, virtual space using a multitude of devices, such as virtual reality headsets, tablets, mobile phones and PCs.

It will also allow users to collaborate over work platforms such as Microsoft Teams using virtual likenesses of themselves.

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