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Long Term Financial Security

  • Feb 14, 2022
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TEAM plc is building a new wealth, asset management and complementary financial services group. Centred in Jersey, an island that has been at the forefront of global finance for more than 60 years, TEAM provides a full range of services to meet the needs of individuals, family offices, trusts, charities, companies, regulated entities and even sovereign state funds. TEAM’s mission is to create long-term financial security for our clients. Whatever the desired financial goals and long-term wealth and savings needs, our innovative and flexible range of investment solutions enables you to invest with confidence in your future. TEAM benefits from a robust support structure.

  • A global view of the investment landscape.
  • Multi-asset, fixed income and equity investing.
  • Forward-thinking, innovative investment solutions.
  • Accessing more sources of return.
  • Effectively managing risk.
  • Putting our clients at the centre of our thinking.
  • A collaborative, team-based approach.
  • An experienced investment team with strong track records.

Discretionary investment management for global clients

In our view, successful investing re-quires a pragmatic approach, diversification and active management. This means not straying from our core circle of competence, always respecting risk and being prepared to invest in forward-looking strategies with conviction. As stewards of capital entrusted with your assets, we constantly strive to deliver consistent investment results without compromising our investment framework. We seek to deliver forward-looking investment solutions driven by a robust and repeatable process that focuses on outcomes. TEAM’s dedicated team of investment professionals works collaboratively, drawing on diverse professional backgrounds and a broad range of expertise to challenge each other’s views and share insights and ideas. The objective, to deliver better outcomes for our clients, never changes.

Cash and FX management are key

Cash and foreign exchange management are crucial elements in successful asset management but diversifying risk, managing excess cash and foreign currency exposures can be a time-consuming process. That is why our team of treasury specialists at JCAP have been assisting clients for over ten years, helping them to maximise returns on their cash deposits, ensuring they receive competitive exchange rates and helping them minimise the risks involved. JCAP partner with investment managers, corporate service providers and trustees in the UK and Channel Islands. The low interest-rate environment that resulted from the Covid pandemic is changing, and interest rates are expected to increase several times in 2022. Knowing where to place your money to access the best returns has never been more important. Let JCAP use its market knowledge and experience to help you earn a better return from your funds and save you money by reducing the costs involved in foreign-exchange transactions.

Everyone should have a lifetime financial plan

TEAM Plc company Omega Financial Services is one of Jersey’s most prominent independent providers of financial advice. Omega specialises in retirement planning, mortgage advice and life assurance as well as bespoke investment services. Omega can help you plan. Although the whole plan may not be affordable right now, it forms the basis of ongoing reviews and, gradually, your lifetime financial plan will come together. Although most people wish to retire early on a comfortable income, there are more important matters that come before this, especially if you have a young family. An example of the order of priority is as follows:

A married couple with a mortgage and children

  1. Emergency fund

You should have an emergency fund of at least six months’ expenditure to cover any short-term expenditure requirements if your income stopped or was reduced for a short period of time. This may be, for example, due to a short-term illness or redundancy.

  1. Protecting your income

If you become seriously ill, have a life-changing accident and you could not work for a prolonged period, potentially for the rest of your working life For most people, this should form the foundation of a lifetime financial plan and is frequently overlooked. Being without an income for a long period of time would jeopardise your financial plans along with your plans for your family, for example sending your children to a private school and on to university. Looking further out, if your regular income is lost, you may have to stop contributing into a pension, so the importance of protecting your income continues up until you retire.

Life and critical illness cover

Making sure you have sufficient life and critical illness cover just in case premature death occurs or you are unfortunate enough to have a critical illness. You have protected your income, but you have not reduced all risks. Early death can result in reduced household income. Or you may be unfortunate enough to have a critical illness, for example cancer or a heart attack. You may have an income protection policy, but this would only continue while you cannot work. Different providers offer different critical illness definitions, so the cover offered is not just about the price. It is therefore very important that professional advice is taken.

Planning for capital expenditure

You will have things for which you will need to plan such as school and university fees, changing your car every now and again or even going on a family holiday (Covid-permitting). These items should also be included into your lifetime financial plan.

Planning for your retirement

This may seem more interesting to a lot of people as you may wish to retire early on a certain amount of income. If you have a firm plan of action, have regular reviews and a stream of income, you can achieve most things, albeit subject to affordability. There are favourable tax breaks for contributing into a pension. However, any income derived from a pension is taxed once you retire. It is therefore important to have (a) a pension and (b) accessible investments/savings outside the pension. Pensions are flexible in that you can vary the amount of income you take up to certain limits. By having both vehicles, you could, for example, only take sufficient taxable income from your pension to take you up to the income tax threshold and any further income requirements, you could take from your investment/savings. If set up correctly, the income taken from an investment/savings could be tax-free (subject to article 134a of the Income Tax (Jersey) Law) so you could minimise your income tax during retirement which, in turn, means you do not need as much income. Omega uses lifetime cashflow-forecasting software to set out a long-term plan of action. This is reviewed on a regular basis and adjusted as circumstances change to achieve your lifetime financial goals. Everybody needs a plan. TEAM can help. For more information, visit,, or

TEAM Asset Management is a trading name of Theta Enhanced Asset Management Limited which is regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission.