At TEAM, we acknowledge that the underlying objectives of nearly all investors are to grow and preserve wealth or generate income with as little risk as possible. However, no single asset class performs exceptionally well all the time.

With that in mind, we seek to construct portfolios that are genuinely and robustly diversified so we can provide better, more predictable outcomes for our clients.

We believe that the financial market landscape over the next thirty years is unlikely to resemble the past thirty years. To prepare for this future, TEAM have significantly expanded our asset allocation menu, whilst providing a dynamic investment framework that enables us to take advantage of any short-term market opportunities that may arise.

Our multi asset strategies have the flexibility to invest across a broad range of asset classes and geographies, allowing us to invest on a global basis wherever we see the best opportunities for returns. Alongside traditional equity and bond investments, we can profit from exposure to assets including alternative income streams, commodities, gold, infrastructure, and volatility.

In short, we strive to give clients access to more source of return potential, more effective ways to diversify risk, and, crucially, a greater opportunity to meet your financial needs and aspirations.

TEAM Asset Management is a trading name of Theta Enhanced Asset Management Limited which is regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission.