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Rather than focus on the past, we recognise that the historical relationship between assets can, and does, change, particularly during periods of market turbulence and stress. Our multi asset investment framework has been designed exactly for this purpose, giving clients access to an extensive asset allocation menu.

The main asset classes in which the portfolio will invest are global equities, absolute return strategies, global high yield bonds, alternative income-producing securities, cash and real assets including broad commodities, gold, global infrastructure and logistics, property and volatility.

Underpinning this objective is the constant pursuit of genuine diversification.

  • Average portfolio equity risk through market cycles is less than 30%
  • Approximately 25 individual assets
  • 5 distinct asset classes spanning more than 50 global financial markets
  • No conventional bond holdings
  • Meaningful allocations to real assets and alternative income-producing assets
  • Genuine diversification across asset classes, investment style and risk factors
  • Available as a GBP (£), US Dollar or Euro portfolio
  • Bespoke portfolio according to client needs and preferences available on request
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