Team Commentary March 2017

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We certainly live in interesting times. Outside of the main Trump / Brexit news three stories caught my our eye over recent weeks. All three are below the radar but may have a factor to play in determining market movements over coming months: If Company ABC, as an example, were to remunerate staff in ABC shares to an equivalent value … Read More

Investment Review November 16 – Ben Shenton’s View

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My investment career started in 1978 and has so far spanned 38 years. I think this longevity makes me less susceptible to the optimism that a new political administration brings, but also more cynical which is less helpful. Whilst other economic commentators genuinely believe that infrastructure spending in the USA is a new panacea for US growth I have witnessed … Read More

Don’t believe everything you read

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At the end of 2015 The Guardian Newspaper published an article with the headline “The fall of Jersey: How a tax haven goes bust”. Fortunately The Guardian has fairly limited circulation. Unfortunately social media does not, and the rumour that the article sparked prompted phone calls from several concerned clients. The article contained negative comments from the usual suspects. So … Read More

New Staff



We are delighted to announce the appointments of Daniel Jolliffe and Matthew Boxall to strengthen our front office.

Our new premises



The move to our new premises went very smoothly. Our clients are now welcome to come and visit us at Royal Court Chambers, 10 Hill Street in Saint Helier. We are located just above the CCA art gallery in a classic XVIIIth century Jersey listed building, close to Royal Square.


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Over the years TEAM has produced an occasional series of ad-hoc commentary notes focused on the Jersey economy or proposed changes in legislation. Conscious that there is a lack of independent economic research on the local economy we shall be formalising this work with an Annual Economic Review which shall be published each summer. The Island’s Report and Accounts are … Read More


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We have recently acquired access to some impressive proprietary research through a joint-venture. Almost a century’s worth of data analysis has confirmed that market cycles can be reliably predicted by the careful analysis of credit and currency movements. We are now rolling out exciting risk graded investment strategies inspired by this fresh investment approach. Results are promising and we are … Read More


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These are exciting times at TEAM. Over the coming months we shall be moving to new, larger, premises and recruiting more investment managers to join our experienced team. Our systems are being upgraded and we have substantially increased our proprietary research capabilities. We continue to invest in local staff and training, and offer work experience programmes to students as well … Read More


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In summary our thoughts are: Economic growth to continue over 2016, albeit at a slower pace China slowdown to continue – more downside risks to the Chinese Yuan. Oil prices bottoming this year – we don’t expect a sharp price upturn. Developed world equities to remain volatile this year as the economic cycle is maturing. Focusing on profitable companies with … Read More

Greek exit risk remains

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Unlike most euro area leaders who would be loath to utter a thought that did not sit well at a Davos conference, the new Syriza government truly consists of a bunch of outsiders who have little personal stake in upholding the establishment’s agenda. It does introduce a significant amount of uncertainty about the outcome of any future negotiations between the … Read More