Investment Philosophy

We look to achieve long term positive returns in all market conditions rather than blindly following benchmarks.

In our opinion, benchmarks are determined on the basis of assertions about classes of investments that bear little or no relation to reality. They live in the world of theory, and the constant possibility of change. We think the brutal truth is that the investment industry tends to look first to its own business risk, and not the client’s risk. We like to look at things differently, that’s the way TEAM approaches things.

The advantage of a portfolio mandate unrestrained by benchmarks is that it brings the fund manager back to the discipline that business risk and the client’s risk are identical. Strict adherence to benchmarks can put talented fund managers into a straightjacket as asset allocation is the main driver of investment performance. Sometimes investors need complete flexibility in order to achieve consistent returns.

TEAM’s Investment Philosophy is specifically designed to allow you to do just that – reach your dreams and not ours! Our philosophy focuses on maximizing your eventual net worth not on maximizing short-term trading results. There is no short-term stock investing that is going to consistently provide predictable returns.

As an individual investor, you are not constrained by the many limitations that the big money managers and hedge funds must deal with.

You do not have to:

  • alter your investment plan to try to outperform the market or competing funds.
  • take unnecessary risks to try to gain a better Morningstar rating or to reach your performance based compensation targets.
  • buy and sell based on fund liquidations and money inflows and outflows.

As such, we firmly believe that we have a significant advantage to help you outperform these institutional investors.