Always Fighting the Last War

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Always Fighting the Last War Comment from our friends at Clarmond Wealth. At Yokosuka naval base in Japan a US Navy ‘Nimitz class’ nuclear-powered aircraft carrier is moored. It has unlimited range, is 330m long, weighs 100,000 tonnes, and carries 80+ fighters; it projects a fearsome power. Its genesis lies nearly a 100 years ago at the Washington Naval Conference. … Read More


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We have recently acquired access to some impressive proprietary research through a joint-venture. Almost a century’s worth of data analysis has confirmed that market cycles can be reliably predicted by the careful analysis of credit and currency movements. We are now rolling out exciting risk graded investment strategies inspired by this fresh investment approach. Results are promising and we are … Read More


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In summary our thoughts are: Economic growth to continue over 2016, albeit at a slower pace China slowdown to continue – more downside risks to the Chinese Yuan. Oil prices bottoming this year – we don’t expect a sharp price upturn. Developed world equities to remain volatile this year as the economic cycle is maturing. Focusing on profitable companies with … Read More

Greek exit risk remains

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Unlike most euro area leaders who would be loath to utter a thought that did not sit well at a Davos conference, the new Syriza government truly consists of a bunch of outsiders who have little personal stake in upholding the establishment’s agenda. It does introduce a significant amount of uncertainty about the outcome of any future negotiations between the … Read More


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We remain overweight Global Stocks, we are reducing Exposure To The U.S. While valuations are not as compelling as they once were, in a world of negative real rates, equities still offer significantly more upside than most other assets. We upgraded euro area and Japanese equities at the expense of US stocks. The reasons for underweighting U.S. stocks are straightforward. … Read More

The Global Economy

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Tail winds for Developed Markets, head winds in Emerging Markets The engine of global growth continues to shift back from emerging markets to developed econo-mies. The euro area and Japan should see the biggest pickup in growth during the remainder of the year. Both regions are benefiting from lower oil prices, cheap currencies, and reflationary monetary policies. The U.S. economy … Read More

Outlook For 2015 An Unstable Bull Market

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We do not believe that the basic macroeconomic backdrop has changed very much from last quarter. In other words, the U.S. economy will continue to lead the rest of the world, and the Fed will continue to be ahead of other central banks in terms of monetary renormalization. The only difference here is that China is joining Europe and Japan … Read More